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TOMY Omni Jr., Omnibot Jr., and Radio Shack Robie Junior Tires/Treads - Robot Parts

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Are your Robot's rubber tires/treads shot? We've got you covered with a new pair.

When we refurbished our Radio Shack, Robie Junior, that didn't have any rubber tires/treads, we designed our own and cast them out of polyurethane rubber.

While it's possible to create a mold from a "good" tire, old tires have usually stretched and deformed over time, making the replica less perfect. Ours fits nice and snug.

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Compatible with:
  • TOMY Omni Jr. 5410
  • TOMY Omnibot Jr. "Charmmy"
  • Radio Shack Robie Junior - 1986 (Cat. No. 60-2397A)

* Includes 2 matching tires/treads
** These are NOT 3D printed tires/treads. Cast with premium polyurethane rubber.
*** Robot not included