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Human Jawbone Business Card Holder / Mobile Phone Stand

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Why settle for ordinary when you can have something unique and beautiful to display your business cards? This Mandible Card Holder is sure to grab people's attention and pique their interest. The jawbone also works perfectly as a mobile phone holder.

Our specialty Card Holder is a replica of a life-sized Human Jawbone. Each is hand finished to give it a perfect aged look and feel.

The Human Jawbone Business Card Holder is available in a variety of styles:

  • Distressed White Jawbone
  • Tarnished Brass finished Jawbone
  • Rusted Iron finished Jawbone

Freakishly Fascinating! Get yours now!

  • The Jawbone is 4.75" wide x 4" deep x 2.5" tall

* Each Human Jawbone Business Card Holder is hand-cast resin, hand-finished and will have minor characteristic variances.