After years of making props and decorations, we understand the importance of symmetry and consistency in our tools and jigs. Sculpting armatures should be no different. When we designed ours, we went through several iterations, receiving feedback along the way, until we were satisfied that it would work well for you.

Sculpting armature features include:

  • Built-in mold making keys (for making gypsum, silicone and other types of molds)
  • Durable, reusable, lightweight design
  • Life-sized adult face
  • Made from high-quality polyester resin

Some great uses for our sculpting armature:

  • Perfect for making latex or silicone facial appliances and half-masks
  • Great for making prosthetic transfers

Total Height: 14in (355.6mm)
Total Width: 9.75in (247.65mm)
Head Height (chin to the top of head): 9in (228.6mm)
Head Width (cheek to cheek): 5.5in (139.7mm)

* Designed and made in the USA by Halloween24x7

Half-Mask Male Sculpting Armature (Daboo-49)

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