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TOMY Omnibot 5402, Hearoid, and Robie Sr. Rubber Gripper - Robot Parts

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You deserve the best pinchers/grippers for your Antique Omnibot 5402, so we're offering a premium pair here.

When we needed new pinchers/grippers for our Omnibot 5402, we put our 3D modeling, mold-making, and casting experience to use to make premium aftermarket pinchers/grippers good enough to last for another 35 years.

We love 3D Printing and use it for much of what we do; however, a printed aftermarket part will not stand the test of time compared to a tried and true premium rubber part. While there are some nice castings available, many are simply cast from an existing part which may have deformed and stretched over the years, therefore won't fit well. We designed our pinchers/grippers to fit nice and snug.

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* 2 Rubber pinchers/grippers for the left hand of the robot.
** Compatible with the Omnibot 5402, Hearoid Omnibot, and Radio Shack Robie Sr. Robots
*** Default color is gray. If you'd like a different color to match your robot, let us know what color you need.