TOMY Omnibot New Arm Linkage
Omnibot 5402 Showing Arm Linkage
Arm Linkage Set of 2
Omnibot Arm Linkage 1 Piece
Omnibot 5402 Arm Linkage
Omnibot Arm Linkage Movement
Omnibot Arm Linkage
Radio Shack Robie Sr. Arm Linkage 2 Pieces
Radio Shack Robie Sr. Arm Linkage
TOMY Hearoid Arm Linkage Installed
TOMY Hearoid Arm Linkage
Daboo Designs

TOMY Omnibot 5402, Hearoid, and Radio Shack Robie Sr. Arm Linkage - Robot Parts

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Out of all the broken items I've seen on the TOMY Omnibot 5402, Omnibot Hearoid, and the Radio Shack Robie Sr., I must say, the Arm Linkage is the most common. After years of children pushing and pulling on them, they don't last.
Unfortunately, one of the robots we added to our collection came with two broken. While I could use it as a parts robot, it's such a shame to sacrifice a mostly good robot for parts. I opted to design arm linkage replicas to give us more manufacturing flexibility.

You deserve the best replacement parts for your vintage refurbished robot.

Get Yours Here Today!

* Compatible with the TOMY Omnibot (Model No. 5402), TOMY Hearoid (Stock No. 2010), and Radio Shack Robie Sr. (Catalog No. 60-2398)
** 3D Resin Printed using Premium UV Photopolymer Resin with Custom Pigmentation
*** Durable Replacement Part (75D Shore Hardness)