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Gothic Bat Skull Candlestick Holder Home Decor

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This Bat Skull Candlestick is the perfect accessory to show off your unique sense of style in your kitchen or on your dining room table.

We've had the idea of making a candlestick holder for a while now, but didn't quite know what would be extra cool until It hit us. A Bat Skull would be perfect! It took some time for us to get all of the details just right, but once we did, we did our happy dance. The Bat Skull Candlestick Holder is available with a tarnished brass finished base, completely rusted iron and completely tarnished brass.

The Candlestick holder is 2.5" tall, 3.25" wide and 5.5" deep. Each piece is hand-cast and finished, so each one is unique.

* The Bat Skull used for this piece was digitally sculpted