Exotic Color Changing Planchette Necklace

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I was sitting around thinking of something cool that I could make that would use some exotic filament that I came across, so what better than a Ouija Planchette to show off the cool properties? The planchette pendant is pretty big at 3" tall x 2" wide. Even at that size, I designed it to be very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The Planchette is available in some really neat styles and may be flipped to point up or down:

  • White Glow in the Dark Green
  • White that turns Pink in the sun
  • Purple that tuns Pink when warmed
  • Orange that turns Yellow when warmed

Each Planchette pendant is 3D Printed using an exotic filament and will have minor character variances from the picture.

P.S. We customize! If you'd like us to finish your Planchette pendant to better match your style, please drop us a note so that we can make the perfect piece just for you.