The Basics of Making Paper Mâché Clay

Drying Paper Mache Clay Sculpt
When I first started sculpting with paper mâché clay, I tried numerous recipes and encountered many issues along the way. Sometimes the clay was too dry, other times too wet, the recipes I had were vague. To give you a head start, I assembled a walkthrough tutorial with hints, tips, and tricks so you can easily make a nice batch of clay, and start sculpting. For recipes, please refer to my earlier posts here: Dahlhart Lane Paper Clay RecipePaper Mache Clay Recipe Review (GhoulishCop Air Dry Paper Clay 2.0) with modifications, and Paper Mache Clay Recipe Review (GhoulishCop Air Dry Paper Clay 2.0). For some still photo tutorials of how to sculpt with the clay, see the following posts: Making Paper Clay Mache Hands and Making Mini Jack-o-Lanterns Using Paper and Clay Mache.

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