Paper Mache Clay Recipe Review (GhoulishCop Air Dry Paper Clay 2.0) with modifications

Paper Mache Clay Recipe Review

After making GhoulishCop's Air Dry Clay 2.0, I decided to make a modification to it to see what I could come up with and substituted the corn starch for more flour. I did use corn starch for the kneading process, but that did not add up to very much.

Modified Recipe of: Air Dry Paper Clay 2.0


  • 1 cup: Cellulose Insulation (Dry, firmly pressed into measuring cup)
  • 2 cups: All-Purpose Flour (I added a bit more during the mixing process to get it to a better consistency to pull out of the bucket for the kneading process).
  • 1 cup: Elmer's Glue (PVA Glue)
  • 1 cup: Joint Compound
  • 3 tbsp: Linseed Oil

I followed GhoulishCop's instructions for mixing just as I did for his standard batch. This clay sculpted quite nicely and did not feel chalky. It blended together more easily at the seams. It still doesn't smooth perfectly and left some defined edges. By far, I was quite pleased with how well it worked with such a minor change to the recipe.

Based on my experience, this works well for pumpkin sculpting over a round armature and building up the clay for depth and detail, while I think that I would use GhoulishCop's Air Dry Clay 2.0 as more of a stand-alone clay to sculpt objects like bones and other objects with minimal or no armature.

I was able to add texture to the clay with sculpting tools rather easily. I kept my hands slightly wet while using this paper clay recipe in order to form and sculpt but not too wet or the clay turns to an icing consistency.

This clay dries very dense and hard and feels quite solid once it has dried. It paints well and does not absorb the paint to the point that it needs to be primed first.

Unless I stumble across a better recipe, I plan to stick with this one for a while. I will likely try replacing the cellulose insulation with toilet paper to see how that works as well.

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