Cloth Mache Mini Grim Reaper

Cloth Mache Grim Reaper
I've been building cloth mache Grim Reapers and Ghosts for a while now and really enjoy the entire process from start to finish. For the mini Reaper, I used red LEDs for the piercing eyes and red/amber LEDs to produce a firey underglow. I draped it in black cloth mache meticulously setting each fold for a perfect look. Once the cloth was fully set and dry, I finished it off with a dark multi-dimensional paint job, beautiful grey highlights and a satin finish. The detail that goes into creating a Reaper keeps it interesting and beautiful in a well lit room while the glow accomplishes the same in darkness. This Reaper has shorter arms than usual which gives it a cute childlike quality that really comes through. This was purely accidental, however, it's an accident that I plan to repeat. This is my last Grim Reaper of the season, however, I am planning on building more next year, so stay tuned to see how they evolve.Cloth Mache Draped over the armatureCloth Mache painted blackAfter dry brushing in normal lightingReaper in dim lighting

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