Cloth Mache Mini Ghost

Glowing Ghost

I've been building cloth mache ghosts for a while now and they have continued to get larger and larger. After creating my cloth mache mini reaper and seeing how cute he turned out, I decided to give a cloth mache mini ghost a shot. I really like how it turned out using my single sheet technique. It resembles what a draped bed sheet ghost costume looks like, which is really what I had in mind when I started making my cloth mache ghosts. The LED lighting continues to get more and more elaborate, with this being no exception. This Mini-Ghost has piercing amber eyes with an amber and reddish firey underglow. After much practice, I gave airbrushing a shot to accentuate the creases. I finished it off with a white dry brush to add highlights and sealed it with a high-gloss clear coat. The Mini Ghost is a great conversation piece in normal lighting or with the lights out.

Here are a few action shots. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions or comments.

Applying Cloth Mache to GhostDraping the cloth mache over the armatureGhost Painted in normal lightingGhost Lit up in dim lighting

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